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My passion is to remind others of their innate ability to heal themselves.


My classes are truly open to everyone. I offer many options for students of all levels, ages, and body types.

Energy Work

Energy work activates your body's self-healing mechanisms. Many people leave a session feeling light and at ease.

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I'm committed to making yoga and healing work accessible. Let's talk.


A mixture of new research in the field and my own thoughts on all things wellness


Hi, I'm Ashley Jestin.

My passion for alternative medicine and wellness began long before I had the resources to explore it or the language to name it. My journey began quietly with guided meditation CDs and books when I was a teenager. Soon, these teachings led me to Vancouver, BC, where I found yoga and soon dove into a community that finally understood me. I have been meditating and practicing yoga since 2010 and holding space for others since 2013.

I am a yoga and meditation instructor, an energy worker, a reiki master, and a shamanic practitioner. I am also pursuing an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and will soon be applying to the Physiotherapy program at the University of British Columbia. With one foot in academia and the other foot in the world of ancient healing modalities, I bring a grounded and practical essence to all of my offerings. It is my passion to remind others of their innate ability to heal themselves, and to hold space for healing to occur, whether that comes in the form of a public yoga class, a private session, or a conversation.


I am a Yoga Alliance Registered 500-Hour Advanced Yoga Instructor trained in Hatha, Vinyasa Power Flow, Yin, Restorative, Prenatal Yoga and Pain Care Yoga.

Public Class Schedule:

Wednesday: Yin @8:30pm-9:45pm @Semperviva Sun StudioSaturday: Hatha @6:00pm-7:15pm @Semperviva Kits Beach StudioSaturday: Yin @7:30pm-8:45pm @Semperviva Kits Beach StudioPrivate Classes Available in all styles

Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice from India that has eight limbs. I humbly offer three of these limbs: Asana (the physical practice), Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Dyhana (meditation or contemplation). No matter the style I am teaching, I offer guided meditation queues throughout class and moments to pause, reflect, and reignite the breath. I offer many options for students of all levels, ages, and body types in my classes. I strongly encourage students to personalize their practice and therefore I use trauma-sensitive language to create a space where everyone can listen to their own body's wisdom first and my suggestions second. I am also working on my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and therefore I emphasize injury prevention and strengthening.

I am deeply grateful to all of my teachers from whom I have received blessings to share these teachings: Gloria Latham, Cameron Gilley, Ara Cusack, Bernie Clark, Teresa Campbell, Tianne Allen, and Clara Roberts-Oss. I have also been fortunate to receive teachings from Sean Corne, Sianna Sherman, Saul David Raye, Sarah Powers, Mark Stephens, and Tina James. Lastly, I give my thanks to my mentor, Sarah Cutfield, who gave me indirect blessings to offer the teachings of yoga through her teachers, Sharon Gannon and David Life, and their teachers, Shri K. Pattabhi Jois, Shri Nirmalananda, and Shri Brahmananda Saraswati and finally, Shri K. Pattabhi Jois' teacher, Krishnamacharya.

Energy Work

I am an intuitive energy worker, a Reiki Master, and a Shamanic Practitioner. A typical session will be a blend of these modalities based on the unique needs of the recipient. It is not me that is healing you. It is not my energy that I am giving you. Importantly, I am only acting as a channel so that you may access divine healing more easily.

The energy that I channel has many names: White Light, Reiki, or Prana, to name a few. I am in no way "special" -- anyone may channel these energies over time with practice and devotion. My intention is to hold space for others to access their own abilities to heal so that, eventually, the work may be done without a conduit or facilitator like myself.

Energy work may offer an opportunity to activate your body's innate self-healing mechanisms. It creates a space for you to connect with your own greatest healer within. Many people leave a session feeling light, clear and open.

Echoing one of my favourite authors, Lissa Rankin, a retired medical doctor and author of Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof that you can Heal Yourself, I would like to acknowledge that at this point in time, while there may be some exciting and preliminary evidence, energy work does not have robust scientific data to support it. As someone that is working towards a science degree, I honour science by refraining from attempts to explain the mechanisms of energy work with scientific language. I also concur with Lissa Rankin's assertion that it would be wildly irresponsible to disregard ancient healing modalities just because we do not yet have the capacity or the technology to measure them. Instead, I view energy healing as mysterious and divine work and I invite you to experience what it has to offer first-hand instead of attempting to fit it into existing paradigms.

With regards to my training, I have completed my level 1, 2, and 3 Reiki along with Reiki Magic and my Reiki Master initiation with Michele Denis. I have completed a medicine wheel with Nikki Hainstock, I am a full Mesa carrier, and I continue to work with Nikki as an apprentice shaman, called a "Paco" in Q'ero.

Finally, I would like to honour and acknowledge the lineages of Reiki and Shamanism that I am initiated to. Michele Denis lineage is as follows: Michele Denis, Taggart King, Diane Whittle, Marcus Hayward, Simon Treselyan, June Woods, Jerry Farley, Florence O'Neal, Phyllis Leifurumoto, Hawayo Takata, Chujiro Hayashi, and finally, Mikao Usui, the creator of the System of Reiki. Nikki Hainstock, who passed on shamanic rites and blessings to me, has received rites from many teachers, including her teacher Puma, from the Q'ero lineage in Peru.

Prices & Contact


Private Yoga Class: $60 per session or $150 for a package of threeGroup Yoga Classes: $20 per person (minimum of three people)Energy Work Session: $80 per session or $200 for a package of threeClasses & sessions are 60 minutes in duration

I'm committed to making healing work and yoga accessible. If cost is a barrier, please contact me directly to discuss a sliding scale or a trade.

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